Reproduction in the Goat Animations

Reproductive anatomy of the buck

The buck produces billions of new sperm everyday of his adult life.

Sperm are formed in the testes within the coiled seminiferous tubules.


A cross section of one seminiferous tubule shows the layers of cells that develop into sperm.

1 Spermatogonia divides into 2 spermatocytes
which divide into 4 round spermatids
that form elongated spermatids.


Spermatids undergo the process of spermiogenesis to become immature spermatozoa
which are then released into the seminiferous tubules.

At this point the immature sperm cannot swim on their own.


The spermatozoa reach maturity during the 10 to 15 day trip through the convoluted
tubules of the epididymis.

Mature sperm are stored in the tail of the epididymis until the buck mates with the doe.