Biology, Anatomy, and Parasites of the Goat

My goats

I've been involved in science in one way or the other for over 40 years. In 1975 I received my bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Utah. While an undergraduate I had the fortunate opportunity to work as a teaching assistant in zoology and cytobiology labs. This is when I discovered the joy of teaching others to learn biology and science.

After graduation I worked as an electron microscopist in mitochondrial DNA research. For a short time, after moving to California, I worked as chief research technician in a microbiology lab studying bacterial genetics.

In 1980, I decided to combine my knowledge and experience in scientific research with my artistic talents to begin what turned out to be a successful career as a free-lance science illustrator. Since then I've illustrated countless publications and textbooks and exhibited artwork in shows.

For about 4 years in the 90's I worked as an emergency veterinary assistant. This was a valuable learning experience which has given me a better understanding in treating and preventing illnesses in my animals.

In the mid 1990's, I started using the Flash software to create animations for websites. I found animation to be one of the best ways to explain the often complex ideas of the life sciences. My first effort resulted in the award winning series of animations on the life cycle of the Herpes simplex virus.

I've been raising a herd of Nubian goats since 1997 for milk and meat. Given my interest in teaching and biology it was only natural that I decided to produce a series of animations on their unique biology. This has resulted in the successful CD, The Biology of the Goat. The animations are now available to view free on this website.

Allegres Mountain, New Mexico I now live in the beautiful Datil Mountains of New Mexico. My goats, dogs, cats, poultry, horse and donkeys and I enjoy the open space, peace and quiet, and clean air.

For more information on my science illustrations, visit my portfolio website.

Karin Christensen